Domain Privacy

If you have a .com domain name, we will list the generic company for your domain name, ensuring your confidential information is not available online.
If you have a .uk domain name that is not for business use, then you can hide your personal details for free. Just contact us and we can set this up.

SSL Certificate

Protect sensitive information
Protect visitors’ data
Browser padlock icon
256-bit SSL encryption
Increase conversions
Show you are a trustworthy website

  • An SSL secure connection will benefit both you and your visitors by ensuring important information is kept concealed. Having an SSL certificate shows your visitors you have a trustworthy online presence and increases sales
Security Package

Monitoring of and speedy installation of critical security fixes
Free updating of core software (e.g. Joomla, WordPress, etc.)
Free updates to website add-ons and plug-ins
Free, priority restoration and fixes in the event your site is hacked or compromised

  • To prevent hacking and security issues with your website, we now a website updates and security package. As with all software, updates may be required. Many of these updates are to patch security problems that are discovered. Without installing these patches, your website becomes vulnerable to hackers, viruses and security breaches. The package includes